CareStories has been supported by the third round of Culture of Solidarity Fund of European Cultural Foundation in collaboration with Fondazione CRT



The SCT Centre carries out interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral research, projects of cultural innovation and social impact, training and capacity building, impact assessment/supervision. Their work is based on social community theatre methodology, a specific approach of applied theatre to audience engagement, social inclusion, health promotion and to cultural welfare, that was designed in 2003 in Torino by the University of Torino. The SCT methodology has been applied since then by SCT Centre|Tpe at local and European level in cultural projects aiming at social and health challenges such as gender equality, healthy ageing, youth engagement, multicultural societas, civic engagement.



The company proposes new theatrical codes to the spectators and explores how the theatre can operate in today’s world. It is searching and testing the acceptable principles of theatre. OMMA makes street theatre and performs in non-theatrical spaces, in old storehouses, abandoned buildings, old schools, in Greece and abroad. Omma Studio presents indoor and street performances, does site-specific projects, offers educational events, open discussions, workshops, exhibitions, and has translated and published theatrical texts and generally organises any kind of event that contributes to cultivation and empowerment of people.



The theatre company is revolutionising the relationship between audience and theatre by utilising performances to create participatory meetings, not a spectator activity. The Teatr Brama ensemble is a diverse group dedicated to a common artistic goal, researching the heights and depths of emotion, recalling heritage and reacting to the realities of life. As a cultural and educational association, Teatr Brama utilises non-formal and informal educational methods to empower people to use art and creativity to improve their lives and their world.

CareStories has been realized in collaboration with AlsTo3, DoRs and the Municipalities of Goleniow (Poland), Heraklion (Greece), Giaveno, Susa and Perosa Argentina (Italy) and all the local associations involved.