Cultural walk 1/2 Goleniow



02 September 2021

Cultural Walk n.01

1 Train Viaduct

2 Rampa

3 Mini Mall (previously the Dairy)

4 Rock Club PLR (previously “INA” Restaurant)

5 Amphitheater

6 Bakery

Cultural Walk n.02

7 Sister Mary’s Roundabout

8 750th Anniversary Park

9 Cemetery

10 Neighborhood on Matejki Street

11 The Theater House 


Two walks beginning on the east side of the city that makes their way through different parks and neighborhoods all the way around the periphery of Goleniow.


#All memories are special

#Working Together/Walking Together

#Old places/new places

Suggested Equipment 

Fresh air and exercise are good for you

Take some extra copies of the Care Stories map to pass to friends as you follow the walk

See your town through someone else’s eyes

It’s important to save stories so they don’t disappear (like some of the places on this walk)


1 Marketa Nováková – When I saw the two hummingbirds (grafiti) for the first time, I immediately somewhat subconsciously identified myself with the black-and-white bird. P.S.: Did you know that hummingbirds are the only birds that can fly backwards?

2 Jarek Chilkiewicz – To me, Rampa is a special and important place. I played countless concerts there. I am happy that the building was conserved and is open to the public again.

3 Danuta Kiliszek – At that time, there were no plastic packages, if you wanted to buy liquid dairy products, you had to bring your own vessel. Milk was kept in a large container and Mrs. Tosia meticulously measured out the necessary amount with special measuring cups.

4 Bronia Filipczyk – On Constitution May 3 street there was the “Ina” restaurant to which I was sent for cigarettes, in return I got money for “Petitka” biscuits soaked in cigarette smoke and beer fumes. Beer was dispensed from a vending machine.

5 Daniel Jacewicz – The amphitheater was a special place to Teatr Brama. It was our headquarters for around 10 years. We remodeled the building, we created and there we hosted thousands of guests from around the world. The building was once a disco, then a theater now it is a boxing club.

6 Maria Pyszel – In the morning, ladies in bathrobes with rollers in their hair were a common sight. There was a sweet smell from the confectionery and the baker, when he was in a good mood, gave the children trimmings of dough, which tasted wonderful.

7 Anna Rutkowski – People liked her, when you talked to her, you couldn’t see her habit. (Comment about Sister Mary, whom the roundabout is named after)

8 Ares Cainzos – In this park there are two pilgrimage signs next to each other, pointing in opposite directions, as if the El Camino was collapsing on itself. This park reminds me of the places I used to call home.

9 Noemi Wrzos – We went to this cemetery for a while after the great protest in Warsaw. This meeting was our first “date, no-date”. We sat on her grandfather’s grave, drank a beer, and talked a million hours in the cold.

10 Zofia Michalewicz – Opposite my block, visible from the balcony, there was a large mountain of sand, which for years was used by children from the neighborhood as a playground. This mountain existed for many years. And then one day the mountain began to disappear.

11 Martyna Stążkiewicz – Before coming to Goleniów, I heard about the existence of the “House of Miracles”. The time spent in Goleniów taught me many lessons. One of the most important, that we are this miracle, regardless of the space in which we are.