Poland Cultural Walks

 In Goleniow the Care Stories project was made in collaboration with the University of the Third Age and Teatr Brama’s Erasmus+ European Solidarity Corps Volunteers. Over the course of six months, we met, we walked, we shared stories, we made collages, we recorded interviews and we even made a film! In the process of creating our map based on the memories of the residents of Goleniow, we learned that the city is covered in special places. It was equally as interesting to learn about places that are important to people who have lived in Goleniow all their lives as it was to learn about the most interesting places in the eyes of newcomers. The map offered 4 different routes (Center, North, East & Periphery). By choosing a route and following it local residents learned about personal histories connected to Goleniow. Each route has between 5-6 stops. Some of the stops on the map are well know, others are more obscure but one thing is for certain each of those places is special to someone’s memory

DURATION OF ACTIVITIES – April – September 2021

PLACES VISITED Goleniow city

Have a look to the video of the project


CareStories has been supported by the third round of Culture of Solidarity Fund of European Cultural Foundation in collaboration with Fondazione CRT