Cultural Walk 3/4 Goleniow


STARTING POINT: Bar Kameralna  – ARRIVAL POINT: Restaurant Zakatek

05 September 2021

Cultural Walk n.03


12 Bar “Kameralna”

13 Kaufland (previously the Lachowski Family Butcher Shop)

14 Private School

16 Hotel IKAR

Cultural Walk n.04

17 Planty Playground

18 Blocks on Barnim Street

19 City Gate (former location of the “goat’s market”)

20 St. Katherine’s Church

21 Restaurant Zakatek (previously Restaurant “Maxim”)


A walk beginning on the north of the city that makes its way through the historical center of Goleniow and passes the most well known landmarks on the way


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Personal stories give us clues about history

Enjoy the sun – but don’t forget to drink water

Remember to wear comfortable shoes

If you want a little extra company, you can take your dog on the walk with you 🙂

12 Cristina Baldari – Kameralna always makes me think like it doesn’t belong here. Not grounded enough. Rootless, but in the nicest way possible. Probably that’s the reason why I feel such a strong connection with that place.

13 Ewa Tomczak – Here was a well-stocked shop owned by the Lachowski family that sold various horse products. Horse meat is very healthy and even tasty meat, relatively cheap, and it’s a pity that it’s not popular in Poland. This store no longer exists. 

14 Jenny Crissey – Every time I thought I would give up and go back to Chicago, I would look at the T-Rex and think “If there’s room in this town for a dinosaur, there’s room in this town for me too”

15 Jadwiga Kubinowska – In the meadow, various flowers and herbs grew – especially in spring, willows and other trees grew by the water, and marigolds and forget-me-nots on the shore of our little river. Now, there are not as many flowers and willows growing.

16 Anna Lunkiewicz – As a child, I perfectly remember when the first television was installed in the billiard hall, every Sunday it was filled to the brim with children watching Zorro with bated breath.

17 Dariusz Kubinowski – The biggest attraction for Goleniów children at that time was a rocket set up in Planty. From the perspective of an eight-year-old, it reached the height of the roofs of nearby tenement houses, about 20 times it’s real height.

18 Tadeusz Tomczak – I saw real matches from my apartment window. On the occasion of May 1, a volleyball tournament was played there, the prize was a keg of beer funded by the director. The beer was drunk more by the fans than the players.

19 Regimont Kindur – For many years there was a market called “Goat market”. Local residents and farmers traded their surplus food products such as potatoes, carrots, onions, etc. I did not notice that someone brought some goats there for sale.

20 Jolanta Bronowska – Women were besieging this place all night and, for those times, it was an act of great courage and determination. It is thanks to these women that we owe this free space. The square could bear their name – Women’s Square.

21 Lucja Czarnacka – December 13, 1981, it was my name day. The first time without dancing and singing. We did not know what to expect in our country, and before 22:00 the guests had to go home because it was a police curfew.