Greece Cultural Walks

The project in Pombia was realized between 07-05-2021 and 10-07-2021.

There were four meetings in May, four meetings in June, there were two days of walks (two walks per day) and one evaluation meeting after the events.

The help of the people of the Cultural Center of Pombia was significant because thanks to them we approached the elderly locals and tried to convince them in order to participate in the project. In the first meetings we tried to promote a dialogue between all persons involved and let them tell their stories without any prejudice. The elderly people were the ones who chose the stories and the places of visiting during the 4 walks.

The steps we used in order to realize the project were:

Acquaintance meetings – brainstorming – storytelling by the locals – walking in the village in order to decide the routes of the walks – grouping the stories in four categories (four walks): 

  1. Traditional recipes
  2. Personal stories
  3. Professions lost in times
  4. Historical places of the village

In the last meetings we rehearsed and finalized the process – promoted the walks – prepared the local recipes and soap souvenirs – enjoyed the walks – evaluated the project.


High School – Old church of Agios Georgios – Pigaida.- Courtyard of the church of Agia Paraskevi – 1st Cafe of the village – Amfitheatre behind the Community’s office – Folklore museum – Old doctor’s office – Old bakery – Palia Vrysi – Goula Vrysi – Old soap factory – Cultural Center of Pombia

Have a look to the video of the project

Pombia 1 Cultural Walk

Pombia 2 Cultural Walk

Pombia 3 Cultural Walk

Pombia 4 Cultural Walk

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